Al Ain Zoo Tickets, Timings And Activities

Alain Zoo is one of the tourism landmarks in the UAE, founded in 1971 by Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan, the founder of the UAE, this zoo has more than 4000 animals, including endangered animals.

We recommend to a lot of people to visit the zoo in Alain thanks to the zoo collect both pleasure and knowledge and spend time with animals and feed them and watch their daily movements.

Alain Zoo

Alain Zoo is located 10 km southwest of Alain city center on Jebel Hafiz, and extends on a vast area of ​​about 850 hectares.

Zoo sections

  • Alain zoo include so much animals such as: gorilla, leopard, an African lion, the American Lion and monkey and gazelle giraffes, river, tiger and so on.
  • Birds includes: Flamingo, Chicken Guinea.
  • In addition to reptiles that there is also its own section as: Crocodile, local and turtles, snakes and other variety.

Safari Alain

  • Alain Safari Extended on an area of ​​about 300 football stadiums and has more than 250 types of animals and plants in a normal environment similar to its basic portfolio.
  • It is the animals of the Safari Department in Alain Zoo and will live in, Lions, giraffe, deer and other multiple types, except for more than 2,500 types of plants that were mostly brought from Africa.
  • The trip lasts for 45 minutes at a price of 200 dirhams per seat

Activities and events in the zoo

  1. Feeding animals

A special place was created to feed animals named Ezba where workers calls for small Giraffes to feed them by visitors in the islands, and is not limited to many types of animals such as sheep.

  1. Dinner with black

Visitors will receive a distinctive experience, embodied by a dinner with lion through the largest African Safari with human hands.

Ticket Price

  • 1 – 4 people: 3360 AED
  • 5 people: 4200 AED
  • 6 people: 5040 AED
  1. Parrot Show

This parrot is shared with a blue suite to show his talents in identifying numbers, basketball and climbing on ropes. This offer is held on Thursday, Friday and Saturday at 3:45 pm.

  1. Persian and crocodile Show

Enjoy learning about the life of the family of the river and swimming in the depths of the lake, as well as the slow crocodile movements, the waterfalls flowing.

 This offer is on Thursday, Friday and Saturday: from 4:30 pm.

  1. Zoo Live Magazine

This magazine allows you to identify the animal world through a variety of topics, as well as a group of photographs and competitions for young children.

Alain zoo Tickets Price

Alain zoo fee varies on each package, followed with us to know all.

  1. The entertainment package:

This package allows you to enter the zoo + deserts world + Sheikh Zayed Center for Desert Sciences, all this just for 31.5 AED for adults, and 10.5 AED for children between 3-12 years per person.

  1. Safari Entertainment

The private vehicle: One hour trip continues within a vehicle that can accommodate five people and be 1050 AED and suitable for all ages.

General Vehicle: Continue for 45 minutes for 210 AED per person and suitable for children over 5 years.

  1. Annual membership

This package allows 5 persons 2 Young and 3 kids access to the zoo and the deserts and the Sheikh Zayed Center.

  1. Annual family membership

This package allows access to the zoo and the deserts and the Sheikh Zayed Center, including 2 Young and 3 children, for 661.5 AED with 94,5 AED for each additional person.

15 – 20% discount on all retail and restaurants

50% discount on safari collective vehicle

  1. Annual Membership for Children

Entering to the zoo and Sheikh Zayed Center for Desert Sciences, As Well AS Special Discounts For Retail and Restaurants: For 94.5 AED.

  1. Annual Membership For Adults

Entering to the zoo and Sheikh Zayed Center for Desert Sciences, As Well AS Special Discounts For Retail and Restaurants: 94.5:236.25 AED.

Al Ain Zoo timings & Contact Number

  • Daily from 9:00 AM – 8:00 PM
  • Contact : 800966

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