Aquaventure Waterpark at Atlantis the Palm: Tickets, Games And Activities

The list of tourist places in Dubai is long, which makes it an unparalleled tourist icon, and this is what makes it the city of dreams for many people around the world who wish to travel to Dubai, where they can visit world landmarks such as Burj Al Arab and Burj Khalifa, Dubai Mall in addition to Atlantis, The Palm.

 Atlantis, The Palm Dubai is one of the most important landmarks in Dubai. It is a unique and luxurious tourist resort, and has been classified as a five-star hotel as it represents the true meaning of luxury and sophistication.

 If you are planning to stay overnight at the Atlantis the Palm Dubai the Palm during the UAE holidays and are looking for an answer to the question What is in Atlantis Dubai? We recommend that you check out this article that includes Aquaventure Waterpark at Atlantis The Palm best activities.


  • Aquaventure Water Park Dubai is one of the most beautiful and exciting tourist places in the world; And not only in Dubai.
  • Aquaventure Water City in Dubai belongs to the Atlantis tourist resort located at the head of the Palm Jumeirah, which attracts millions of visitors to enjoy various water games.
  • Aquaventure Water City is classified as the largest water city in the Middle East. It stretches over an area of ​​17 hectares and enjoys a stunning beach view.
  • It includes water slopes and unique slides that extend for long distances.
  • The city also provides artificial waves, swimming pools and water heights.
  • What distinguishes Aquaventure Water Park is that it is the only water city in the Middle East that gives you experiences with marine animals. Surf lessons are available at Wave Rider.

Aquaventure Atlantis Dubai Games

Atlantis Water Park, located in the Palm Jumeirah area, is considered the number 1 choice for tourists from inside and outside Dubai, as it is the most famous destination for marine creatures in Dubai, where visitors enjoy many activities, starting with record-breaking water slides extending over an area of 17 hectares, passing through watching the largest aquarium Fishing in Dubai for more than 65,000 marine creatures, all the way to amazing interactions with dolphins and sea lions.


The world’s largest waterslide, where a roller coaster takes you to a wonderful world through a dark and twisting tunnel and then drops you into the largest glass tube in the world


Experience the challenge of gravity with Zumarango, this water slide gives you a mixture of sensations to enjoy the feeling of weightlessness and lightness.

Immortal Falls

Are you brave enough to try the first Immortal Falls jump game in Dubai? Where you will jump in the pool while you are surrounded by magnificent waterfalls


Ride on board the huge water balloon that will take you on a journey on one of the largest water slides in the world with a length of 449 meters, with curves, inclines and wonderful tunnels!

Black out

Dubbed the “sister of the leap of faith”, it is the most feared slide for the faint of heart in the garden, and it is considered the longest longitudinal slide in the Middle East!

Activities For Children

It is worth noting that Aquaventure Water park activities are not limited to water games, but also include other sections that provide special activities, including those that give you unique experiences with animals, and include:

Dolphin Bay

Dolphin Bay
Dolphin Bay
  • You will have an unforgettable experience with these intelligent mammals trained to dance and present dazzling performances in Dolphin Bay.
  • Where the Atlantis Resort offers the opportunity to swim with dolphins within a variety of programs, which include an educational session on how to deal with them, and booking in any of the dolphin encounter programs includes an advantage Unlimited entry to Aquaventure City on the day of booking.

Meeting cute sea lions

Meeting cute sea lions
Meeting cute sea lions
  • Aquaventure water park activities include a cute seal meeting activity, which includes either swimming with seals in a fun and safe environment and attending educational sessions to discover ways to take care of seals. It attracts visitors from 6 years old and above.
  • It is also possible to meet seals as part of another activity without the need for swimming where you can catch Photographs with seals without getting yourself wet, and reservations for this activity include one free souvenir photo.

Diving Tours

Diving Tours
Diving Tours
  • Enjoy diving and swimming with over 65,000 marine animals!
  • Age: 6 years and over

There are many other water adventures and activities that you can enjoy in the city, including beach activities and sea creatures adventures for kids!

Facts You Didn’t Know About Aquaventure Waterpark

  1. Aquaventure’s entertainment venues contain more than 18 million liters of water, which are found in exciting slides, cliffs and waterfalls.
  2. The water city contains a 2.3 km long river that includes waves of different intensities, swimming pools, and water accelerators, and the journey takes about 45 minutes to circle around the park.
  3. In Aquaventure, 790,000 liters of water can be used per minute to generate waves and water storms up to one meter in length.
  4. Aquaventure Water City is the only water city in the Middle East that offers the opportunity to enjoy the marine life experience through: shark safari, which is the experience of walking in the sharks aquarium, and the experience of interaction and feeding the fish.
  5. The Rapids is the longest river in a water city in the Middle East, containing 15 million liters of fresh water, and includes many fun adventures, high waves and waterfalls.
  6. Aquaventure Water City is the only water city in the Middle East and Africa that contains 700 meters of white beach sand.
  7. All residents of Atlantis, The Palm can visit the Aquaventure Waterpark for free.
  8. The 17-hectare water city contains the world’s largest water-riding circumference, and the first double race tubes in the Middle East.
  9. The water city includes the world’s first twin slides: Slytherin and Aquaconda

Times to visit Aquaventure Water Park Dubai

Aquaventure Waterpark in Dubai welcomes its visitors every day of the week: From ten in the morning until six in the evening every day.

Dubai Atlantis Water Park Ticket Prices

If you are planning to visit the park, whether with your family or friends, we advise you to review the price list of the water village in Dubai Atlantis, where you can choose the appropriate card for you:

Super One Day Entry Card

  • Features: Spend a full day at the Aqua park and The Lost Chambers Aquarium
  • Adults: from 189 AED
  • For children: from 169 dirhams

Annual ticket

  • Benefits: this ticket manage the whole year access for 356 day for the park and its facilities
  • Adults: 990 AED
  • For children: 495 AED

Aquaventure Season Pass

  • Benefits: this access is for 90 days to the city and The Lost Chambers Aquarium only for UAE residents
  • Adults: 399 AED
  • For children: 299 AED

Full day pass

  • Features: Full day access to Aquaventure Waterpark and its 30 slides
  • Adults: 169 AED
  • For children: 149 AED.

If you have any question or inquiries about the facilities or recreational events or you need to ask about tickets or prices or anything you need to contact this following number of  Atlantis waterpark Dubai:

Contact: 2000 426 04

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