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Do you feel like having a lump in one of your breasts or under your armpit? If so, then you better go see a doctor urgently because this might be a symptom of breast cancer. In this article we will show you / present to you / we will introduce you to / will give you a hint about the symptoms of breast cancer, and the most common available curing methods.

What is Breast Cancer?

It is one of the cancer types that hits the breasts area, and it could be defined as an abnormal growth and division in the cells. Which leads to a tumor that could be felt as lump in the breast or under the armpit, and it could also be recognized and diagnosed via X-Ray.

It is true that breast cancer is more common in women, but also men from different ages could be diagnosed with breast cancer.

Some of the breast cancer types starts in the milk ducts which the breast milk passes through to the nipples, and some other types starts in the mammary glands. So the scientific fact here, is that most of the types causes a lump that could be felt by pressing on the breast, except for a few rare types that does not cause this lump and accordingly it is not that easy to discover it.

Symptoms of Breast Cancer for Girls

It is known that the regular check-up helps with the early detection of this disease, and it Significantly helps to increase the healing percentage. But what are the symptoms and the signs that should make you feel worried and see a doctor?

In fact, the symptoms could be easily recognized, and they are as follows,

  • A clear change in the shape and the breast’s skin texture, as you can realize some wrinkles and redness.
  • A change in the shape of the nipple.
  • Strange Secretions comes out of the nipple.
  • An increase in the size of one of the breasts or both in a very short time or recognizing a swelling in the breast.
  • Feeling a lump when pressing on the breast or under armpit.
  • In some cases, the color of the breast can change.
  • Peel appearing on the nipple.

Ductal carcinoma in situ is one of the breast cancers types that does not show any signs or symptoms, as it could only be discovered by mammogram. And when it comes to the lobular carcinoma in situ, it can only be detected via a Breast biopsy.

What are the causes of breast cancer?

There are a lot of factors that could increase the possibility of having breast cancer such as:
Family’s medical History
Usually if one of the family members like the mother, the sister or one of the first-degree relatives either from the mother’s or the father’s side had breast cancer before, then there is a huge possibility of having breast cancer.

Going through Radiotherapy in a Hodgkin’s lymphoma case for example, could increase the possibility of having breast cancer.

Genetic Factors
Genetic mutations could be a huge factor and can cause breast cancer and ovarian cancer.

Obesity and gaining too much weight one of the most dangerous reasons, also the lack of activity and exercise for long periods could be one of the reasons.

Breast Cancer Diagnosis Methods

Breast cancer could be diagnosed via the following methods:

Breast Test:
the doctor checks both breasts looking for the lumps that could take place in the breast or under armpits. Or recognizing any change of shape or skin texture of the breast.

the X-ray used to check the breast and it is one of the common ways to diagnose breast cancer. As it can detects where the lump takes place.

Ultrasound waves are used to detect the disease and to make sure if the lump is a solid block or a fluid-filled vesicle.

Breast Biopsy:
is the most effective way to be sure if one has breast cancer or not. It is done by taking a biopsy from the skin texture of the breast. This sample is examined in the laboratory and leaving a mark on the place the sample was taken from in case any future biopsy is required.

 Breast Cancer Treatment Methods

the procedure of the surgery could be different than each other for example, the tumor could be eradicated with a small part of the tissues around it and this procedure is followed in the small tumors only. When it comes to huge tumors, usually the patient gets chemotherapy first to reduce the size of the tumor and then make the surgery to eradicate it.

In some of the hard cases, the entire breast is removed including the tissues, ducts, lobes, glands and part of the skin.

And some cases require the removal of number of lymph nodes to make sure that there are no tumors in it. if there is none, then the possibility of having tumors in it is very low. And if any more tumors appear, then more lymph nodes to be removed until there no tumors left.

Radiotherapy’s rule is killing the cancer cells, and it happens through a device that directs a beam of x-rays and protons to the tumor to eliminate it. or through adding a radioactive substance inside the body to act as radiation to kill the cancer cells.

Also, radiotherapy is used in the big tumor cases or if the tumor spreads in the lymph nodes and the process keeps going between 3 days to 6 weeks.

Chemotherapy works on stopping the growth of the cancer cells. If there is a possibility of the cancer cells to return, then the doctor suggests having chemotherapy. And it is also recommended after the surgery of removing the tumor from the body.

In the big surgeries, it is recommended to use chemotherapy to decrease the size of the tumor before the surgery.

Hormonal Therapy:
In case of being diagnosed with the kind of cancer that has receptors for estrogen and progesterone then hormonal therapy is very recommended. It can also be used after or before the surgery of removing the tumor to lower the risk of having the cancer cells back.

Hormonal therapy could be medicines that prevents any connections between the hormones and the cancer cells. Or medicines that prevents producing estrogen.

Immunotherapy includes stimulating the immune system of the body to attack the cancer cells. Because the cancer cells produce proteins that prevents the immune cells from attacking it. the Immunotherapy could also be used in case there are no hormone receptors on cancer cells.

And now ladies after we introduced the symptoms of breast cancer and the treatment methods, it is necessary to have a regular check-up for breast cancer to make sure that you are okay, and always remember that the earlier you find out, the easier your treatment gets.

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