How to sell on Amazon UAE in a few steps

Learning how to sell products on Amazon is something that many entrepreneurs think about. Maybe you own an online store and want to explore a new sales channel. Maybe you have an idea for starting a business and you want an effective way to sell your product directly to consumers .

What types of businesses are selling on Amazon?

Amazon is generally reserved for companies that sell a tangible product to an end consumer. The types of businesses that typically sell on Amazon include resellers or brands.


A reseller is a business that buys a product and sells it for more than they originally paid for. Resellers make their profit by generating the greatest possible difference between what they pay for a good and the price paid by the end consumer.

Selling on Amazon can be difficult as a reseller, especially if:

  • You are in direct competition with Amazon. 

Amazon is a reseller and offers many products directly through its retail brand. If you are reselling the same or similar product to Amazon, it can be difficult to compete.

  • You do not have exclusive relationships with the brands you resell. 

When there are many resellers for the same product, it causes traders to compete on price, which will ultimately reduce profit margins to an unsustainable level.

  • You already have low margins. 

Low-margin resellers will find it difficult to justify the additional fees owed to Amazon for each transaction.


If you are not a reseller, you operate a brand and sell your own product. Whether you manufacture the product yourself or operate a registered trademark, you are able to provide your customers with a unique offering that is not easily duplicated.

Can you sell on Amazon?

If you are selling a product directly to the consumer and belong to any of the above business types, you might want to sell your product on Amazon. However, the question is, “can you sell on Amazon?” “

To answer this question, we need to look at the requirements and restrictions that apply to Amazon sellers.

Amazon’s Selling Restrictions

With that in mind, Amazon has certain limitations as to who can sell in its marketplace. For starters, there are many categories that require approval from Amazon before merchants can start selling products.

For example, products like collectible cards, autographed memorabilia, and paintings require approval from Amazon.

Amazon’s legal or regulatory policies and restrictions also prevent certain products from being sold on the Amazon Marketplace. For example, prescription drugs, alcohol, animals, and weapons are among the products that Amazon bans.

How to sell products on Amazon

Understanding how to sell products on Amazon is incredibly simple:

  1. Decide what to sell on Amazon.
  2. login into
  3. Choose the best selling plan.
  4. Create an account on Seller Central.
  5. Start listing your products.
  6. Optimize your listings.
  7. Market your products.
  8. Sell ​​your products.
  9. Process your orders.

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