National and Public Holidays in UAE 2022

In UAE, there are some national and public holidays. We are going to share the calendar of those holidays in UAE 2022.

Serial No. Date Day No. of Days Holiday
1 1 Jan Saturday 1 New Year’s Day
2 30 Apr- 4 May Saturday 5 Eid al Fitr
3 8 July Friday 1 Arafat Day
4 9 July – 11 July Saturday 3 Eid al Adha
5 30 July Saturday 1 Islamic New Year
6 8 October Saturday 1 Prophet’s Birthday
7 1 Dec Thursday 1 Martyr’s Day
8 2 Dec – 3 Dec Friday 2 UAE National Day

Islamic festivals are set according to the sightings of the moon. So, the dates mentioned in the table are approximations. They can be changed if official changes are announced. Moreover, the number of days can also be modified.

Now, we will see these events in detail on which there is a holiday in UAE. So, keep reading it.

  • New Year’s Day

This is the 1st of January when the new year starts according to the Gregorian calendar. On this day, it is a holiday in the United Arab Emirates to celebrate and welcome the new year. In UAE, the holidays are moved if they fall on a weekend, but it does not happen with New year’s day.

  • Eid al Fitr

This is the first day of Shawwal. In the Islamic month, Ramadan is the month of fasting for Muslims. When it is ended, the Shawwal starts and the Muslims celebrate their Eid. Like other Muslim countries, in UAE, there is an official committee that announces Eid al Fitr after seeing the crescent moon.

  • Arafat Day

This is the 9th day of the Islamic month Dhul Hijja. On this day, the Muslims that are called pilgrimage gather in Saudi Arabia to perform Hajj. During Hajj, they circumambulate Kaaba and perform other rituals of the Hajj. Kabaa is the holy place of the Muslims.

  • Eid al Adha

This is the feast of sacrifice and occurs on the 10th day of Dull Hijja. It is the second eid for Muslims. On this day, people sacrifice their animals and distribute the meat among their relatives and poor people.

  • Islamic New Year

On the Islamic new year, there is also a holiday. It is the 1st of Muharram, according to the Islamic lunar calendar. This is considered the holy month and Muslims are not allowed to fight during Muharram.

  • Prophet’s Birthday

The Muslims celebrate this date as their Prophet’s birthday. There are open-air celebrations and parades in UAE. However, some Muslims think that it is not the right way. Rather, they use to recite Koran and offer more prayers. 

  • Martyr’s Day

This day is also known as commemoration day. It is observed on 1st December in UAE. There are different events to give tribute to the martyrs who devoted their lives to the safety of their country. 

  • UAE National Day

This is the independence day of the UAE. it is celebrated on 1st and 2nd December every year. The nation celebrates these days with parades, concerts, museum exhibits, the erection of “Heritage Villages”  and much more.

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