Skydive Dubai: Price, Booking And Rules

Extreme sports could be defined as the one sport that has a risk and you might be afraid to do it at the beginning, but once you start it just hits adrenaline button and it is always worth the risk.

It is true that skydive is an extreme sport but for sure it is not on top of the list it has much lower risk. If you are afraid from heights, you can cure it with a jump from the sky if you have the courage. And if you do not get afraid from heights, just enjoy the adrenaline rush.

Interesting Facts about skydiving

  • The biggest formation of skydiving was shaped by 400 brave people. They held each other hands for 5 seconds during a free fall, and it took place over Thailand.
  • Have ever wondered how many jumps can a person make per day? Usually for armatures they can do one or two jumps in one day. And professionals can do up to six jumps per day. However, Jay stokes decided to be different and he did 640 skydives in one day.
  • The AAD (Automatic Activation Device) that all skydiving gears comes with, was originally manufactured by a skydiver called Helmut Cloth, after he lost one of his friends who could not deploy his parachute manually in the needed time.
  • If you are holding a camera and your hand are not stable, you will not be able to capture a good picture or a clear video. However, skydiving photographers use their mouth to control the camera using their teeth or their tongue.

Skydive Dubai

With two drop zones and world class instructors, Dubai became one the important cities in this sport, and skydiving became one of the most attractive activities for tourists. You can watch all of Dubai from 13,000 feet in the sky in a once in a lifetime experience. Skydive Dubai was established back in 2010 and became one of the best- and well-known places. And in the next paragraph, you may find few rules to follow and restrictions to avoid.

Skydive Rules and Restrictions

To be able to enjoy the view of the palm island, you will have to know some information and rules and follow some restrictions.

  • You must be at least 12 years old.
  • If your age is between 12 to 17 years old, you will need a parental approval.
  • If you are a senior citizen (older than 70 years old), you must bring a stamped declaration of fitness. Or if you have any of the medical condition that can cause you an issue, you will have to fill it in a form and you will need an approval from your doctor (we will mention these medical conditions later in this article).
  • The time you receive in the confirmation e-mail is your time of arrival not the time of your jump.
  • You need a valid official governmental ID (Emirates ID – Driving License – Passport).
  • Your system needs to be clear of alcohol 24 hours prior to your jump.

Medical Conditions

There are few medical conditions that needs to be reported and you will need an approval from your doctor to be allowed to make this jump.

  • Epilepsy
  • Repeated blackouts or giddiness
  • Severe head Injuries
  • Any medical condition related to the brain or the nervous system.
  • Dislocated arm or shoulder
  • Heart Disease
  • Lung Disease
  • Blood pressure issues
  • Diabetes
  • Drug or Alcohol addiction
  • Pregnant ladies are not allowed to jump

Frequent Questions

Is it SkyDive safe?

  • it is true that there is a very small risk element because it is an adventure sport, but safety elements are taken seriously in Skydive Dubai and their instructors are carefully selected.
  • What To Wear When Skydiving?

    your clothes need to be comfortable and considering the culture of the place.
    Athletic Clothes are highly recommended.
    No sandals, boots or shoes with heels allowed.
    No low-cut tops, sleeveless tops and crop tops allowed.
    any jewelry or accessories shall be removed before you get on the plane.

    What if this is my first time?

  • – no need to worry about his point as the instructors are well qualified to take care of you and you will not jump on your own.
    • Where to take the training or the jumping course?
      – Skydive Dubai offers one of the well-known schools in the desert drop zome, where they provide Accelerated Freefall Course.
    • How long does it take?
      – the whole process shall take almost three hours from arrival and the landing process takes around twenty minutes once you jump.
    • How does it feel like?
      – if you are jumping from a plane, you will have a feeling that you are flying not falling down. It simply feels like freedom.
    • Is it worth the experience?
      – Definitely worth it. It can change your life forever and it increases the courage of you taking hard decisions.
    • Will I be able to breath?
      – some people in their first time, say they cannot breathe. However, this is just how they feel.
      if you have such feeling just let the adrenaline do its work and scream. You will have a better feeling.
    • Will I be going too fast?
      your speed will be around 120 mph
    • Does Skydive have positive effects on my health?
      – it has a lot of positive effects on your mental health as it makes your body produce a lot of good hormones. It also helps with sleep and digestion, in addition to the general mental health and helps you get over depression.
    • Is it like roller-casters?
      – no it is not. It is nothing like roller-casters. The difference between them is that roller-casters are made to scare you however, skydiving is here to make you happy and feel better.
    • Am I fit to skydive?
      – if you are a woman, your weight should be 90 kg or less.
      – if you are a man, your weight should be 100 kg or less.

    Sky Dive Prices and Locations

    There are two jumping spots for Skydive Dubai (Palm Island – The Desert), you can book your ticket from the official website and the prices are as follows,

    Tandem over the Palm

    Price: 2299 AED per person
    Edited Video: 100 AED extra

    Tandem over the desert

    Price: 1799 AED per person
    Edited Video: 100 AED extra

    Skydive Dubai School

    (AFF Course)

    Ground schoolAED 1,000
    Category AAED 1,500
    Category BAED 1,500
    Category C1AED 1,500
    Category D1AED 1,300
    Category D2AED 1,300
    Category E1AED 1,300
    Category E2AED 1,300
    Indoor skydiving tunnel (15 minutes)AED 1,005
    AFF Package (not transferrable; includes ground school, 7 skydives, and 15 minutes tunnel time)AED 10,000
    Repeat AFF jumpAED 1,000

     AFF course (Accelerated Freefall), allows you to jump on your own. And it is certified globally to allow you to skydive anywhere.

    A License

    The A License is what makes a skydiver able to skydive anywhere in the world as USPA is internationally recognized and it is your way through all options of this sport. It makes you able and ready to skydive with others.

    Coaching jump
    (10 jumps required, includes rig rental and packing ticket, total AED 5,100)
    AED 510
    Low altitude jump
    (5,500 ft and 3,500ft) (2 low altitude jumps required, includes rig rental and packing ticket, total AED 420)
    AED 210
    Solo jump
    (6 solo jumps required, includes rig rental and packing ticket, total AED 1,380)
    AED 230
    Altimeter rental
    (for each of 18 jumps required, total AED 720)
    AED 40
    Helmet rental
    (for each of 18 jumps required, total AED 720)
    AED 40
    Packing courseAED 350

    Experienced Skydivers

    If you want to be an experienced skydiver below is required course prices.

    Single jump ticketAED 120
    10-ticket package (non-transferable)AED 1,150
    25-ticket package (non-transferable)AED 2,750
    Hop and Pop (3,500 feet or 5,500 feet)AED 100
    Re-currency/check jump (includes two slots)AED 400
    Coaching Jump (includes two slots)AED 400
    Daily coach fee (for pre-booked coaching, does not include jump tickets)AED 1,200
    Daily coaching ticket (includes two slots, to be used only in conjunction with the daily coach fee)AED 275
    B License canopy course (course fee only, jump tickets are not included)AED 1,000
    Water trainingAED 350
    Rig rental (price per jump)AED 75
    Altimeter rental (price per jump)AED 40
    Helmet rental (price per jump)AED 40
    Packing tickets (price per jump)AED 35
    Suit (price per jump)AED 20

    Rating Courses

    You can also take rating courses available with the below prices.

    USPA coach course (course fee only, jump tickets are not included)AED 2,000
    USPA AFF instructor rating course (course fee only, jump tickets are not included)AED 3,000
    UPT tandem rating course (course fee only, jump tickets are not included)AED 3,600


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