What You Do Not Know About Ithmid-kohl And Its Amazing Benefits For The Eye

Makeup has been a super viral trend recently, regardless of your age or gender, everyone is using makeup for all sorts of reasons, and if we’re being honest, it can be a very fun game!

Either you have any interest in makeup or not, you must be somehow familiar with it, because even if you don’t use it, I’m sure you know someone who does, and for that, I will be sharing with you a makeup tool that is not as viral as it should be, let me tell you what you do not know about ithmid-kohl and its amazing benefits for the eye.


The word “kohl” is an Arabic word that means anything that’s applied to the eyes, and Ithmid (a.k.a antimony) is a natural stone, that can be powdered and used for the eyes, something like an eyeliner, but more special, why? Let me tell you some of the enormous benefits of this Kohl.

Ithmid Kohl Benefits

Apart from this eyeliner being made out of a natural stone, no chemicals and would never cause any harm to your eyes, on the exact opposite, I dare to say that your eyes actually need it!

UV Blocker

If you’re a person that is exposed to the sun a lot, or if you know someone who is, one great advice it to use Ithmid Kohl, as it is a natural UltraViolet (UV) radiation blocker, how?

The powder of this stone has medical properties, one of them is the ability to absorb the UV radiation, meaning when you apply the Kohl into your eyes, this powder creates an invisible cover absorbing all the UV rays that’s going in your eyes. And that’s not all, given that the color of this powder is a shiny dark grey, it reflects off the sun’s bright glare away.

Think of this powder as an army standing before your eyes protecting it completely from both the unhealthy UV radiation and the sometimes annoying bright sunlight!

Nitric Oxide Booster

Another main medical property for this Kohl, is that it raises the levels of Nitric Oxide (NO) in your eyes, as some of us know, the Nitric Oxide (NO) has an endless amount of therapeutic effects and has been used for decades in the medical industry, yet it is not used as a drug as it quickly breaks down, and that’s why we find ways to stimulate the body to create it and boost it.

To have more understanding of how beneficial this eyeliner is, we’ll be explaining more about the benefits of the Nitric Oxide below:

  • Antimicrobial

Nitric oxide has a very wide range of antibacterial properties. And stimulating the body’s natural Nitric Oxide can be better than using antibiotics that the microbes –with time- become resistant to.

  • Vasodilation

Nitric oxide can be a reason to avoid the ocular diseases that are caused by the lack of proper blood flow to the eye, as it works on widening the blood vessels and allows more blood to circulate.

  • Intraocular Pressure (IOP)

Nitric Oxide reduces the intraocular pressure (IOP), or the pressure inside the eye, which can help to prevent ocular pathologies such as glaucoma (the leading cause of blindness on our planet).

As you can see, besides the obvious beauty this eyeliner offers and how it helps you grow longer lashes, this kohl can be used as a preventative measure for your eyes, given how it can cleanse your eyes, and protect it from any harmful substances that can get in your way.

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Nitric Oxide Interaction with the Eye

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